Whitby quay side. A jumble of netting, plastic tube, wood and twine. How do you paint that?

Whitby is a fantastic place for an artist to find source material. On my last trip I came away with a treasure trove of ideas, photographs and on this occasion mental sketches (as opposed to those in a sketch book.) When I arrived back in my studio I began work on several pieces, some of which you will find in the pages of this site. But there was one particular image that both fascinated and perplexed me at the same time. A stack of fisherman’s creels piled on top of one another on the quay side and covered in a mass of netting, ropes and other fishing bits and pieces. An incredible mixture of textures, forms and colours. But how to begin to make this image work as a painting?

Creels, Whitby harbour. Mixed media.

This busy riot of lines was underpinned by very dark shadows laying beneath. Technically challenging and easy to shy away from which I did for several weeks. But eventually I decided to take the plunge and began by painting in overlaying watercolour washes of darks and mid tones. After waiting for these to dry I then drew over with a range of inks, coloured pencils and pastels in an attempt to capture the structure of the piled up creels, deep shadows beneath and the frenzied tangle of nets and ropes stretched over. I’m quite pleased with the way it turned out and will play about with the approach in other pieces. One I think for the exhibition at The Station in Richmond, North Yorkshire next April.


Every artist needs a studio.

This is my studio. It is where……

I keep my stuff. My materials, my tools, my completed work.

I work, create, experiment.

I can focus, think, dream.

I can make a mess

I can be clean

I can be very precise

I can be loose and free.

I can be quiet.

I can be noisy.

I can triumph.

I can fail.

I can be inspired.

I can leave when I have had enough

I can return and carry on from where I left off.

I keep my memories.

I make my future.

I can do what I want


Welcome to the new look Mick Scott Art site.

Boats and buildings

Hi and welcome to my newly refurbished art site. It’s been quite a while since my last post and a massive amount has happened. Several exhibitions, moved studio 3 times and loads of new work produced, much of which you will find on this site.
I hope you enjoy having a browse around and hopefully follow me in my studio as I prepare for a five person exhibition at The Station in Richmond, North Yorkshire (England) in April 2018. More on that a little later.